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Article: Choosing the Right Summer Riding Gear

Choosing the Right Summer Riding Gear

As the sun emerges from its slumber and temperatures begin to soar, motorcyclists everywhere are gearing up for the exhilarating rides that summer promises. However, with the excitement of hitting the open road comes the responsibility of ensuring one's safety, especially when it comes to selecting the appropriate riding gear. From jackets to gloves to shoes, each piece plays a crucial role in enhancing comfort, protection, and style. Here's a guide to choosing the right summer riding gear, featuring top recommendations for each category.

Riding Jacket

When it comes to summer riding jackets, breathability and airflow are paramount to staying cool and comfortable during those scorching rides. The Revit Airwave 4 Urban City riding jacket effortlessly combines style with functionality. Featuring a mesh construction, this jacket provides optimal ventilation while offering abrasion resistance and impact protection.

For riders seeking versatility and adaptability to varying weather conditions, the Tornado 4 H2O and Offtrack 2 jackets from Revit are excellent choices. Designed for adventure and multi-weather riding, these jackets feature a combination of mesh and waterproof materials, ensuring breathability in hot weather and protection against sudden downpours or cooler evenings.

For those who prioritise airflow above all else, the Byke It Flow Jacket is a standout option. With its lightweight mesh construction and strategic ventilation panels, this jacket allows air to circulate freely, keeping riders cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.


Riding Gloves

Gloves are a critical component of riding gear, providing protection for hands while ensuring optimal grip and dexterity. In the summer months, breathable gloves are essential to prevent sweaty palms and discomfort during long rides.


The Mosca 2 gloves offer a perfect balance of ventilation and protection. Constructed with perforated leather and mesh panels, these gloves provide airflow without compromising on abrasion resistance or impact protection.


For off-road enthusiasts, the Dirt 4 gloves are a top choice. Featuring lightweight materials and ventilated panels, these gloves offer breathability and flexibility, making them ideal for tackling challenging terrain in hot weather conditions.


Riding Shoes

 Summer riding demands footwear that not only offers protection but also allows feet to breathe and stay comfortable during extended rides. The Revit G-Force 2 shoes strike the perfect balance between style, comfort, and protection. With their mesh panels and reinforced construction, these shoes provide airflow while offering excellent ankle support and impact protection.


For riders who prefer a more vintage-inspired look, the Stylmartin Vertigo Air shoes are an excellent option. Crafted from breathable materials and equipped with perforated panels, these shoes combine classic style with modern functionality.


For urban commuters seeking a blend of style and practicality, the Forma City Dry shoes are a standout choice. With their waterproof construction and breathable lining, these shoes keep feet dry and comfortable in any summer weather conditions.


In conclusion, selecting the right summer riding gear is essential for ensuring a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience. From jackets that offer optimal airflow to gloves and shoes designed for breathability and protection, investing in high-quality gear is paramount for every rider hitting the road this summer.

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