Posted by Team Motofever

Are you doing everything you can to maximise the life of your tyres?

Tyres are the single most important component on a motorcycle as they are the only parts of a motorcycle that stay in touch with the tarmac when riding. This is why it is important to take care of your tyres so that you can maximise the amount of grip available when riding. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save your tyres and get the most out of them.

Recommended air pressure: Manufacturers test their motorcycles tyres to run at a specific air pressure setting. Cruising down a straight road or attacking corners, the air pressure value is arrived at after a lot of testing to provide the maximum amount of grip available in different riding scenarios. Now people with specialist use such as track riding will tinker with air pressure values to go faster or achieve more grip, but if you are an everyday rider, it is best to stick with the manufacturer recommended value. Ideally, fill up the tyres with air when they are cold. Filling up air in tyres after a hard day of riding will not give you the most accurate value.

Avoid puncture situations: This one is applicable for you if you are running tyres that are biased towards the street or sporty riding. Avoid roads with sharp potholes or rough surface which have a higher chance of puncturing your tyres. You won’t face this problem with off-road tyres as they are designed keeping such situations in mind. When your motorcycle tyre does suffer a puncture, it becomes weak and more susceptible to future punctures. Avoid routes that you know are prone to wreaking havoc on the tyres.

Smooth acceleration and braking: Rash or jerky inputs on a motorcycle will only help to maximise tyre wear and that of other mechanical components of a motorcycle. Smoother inputs while on the other hand maximise the life of your tyres. And riding smoothly is not just good for the tyres; it makes you a better rider too Especially making an impact on your cornering ability.

Balanced wheels: Wheel balancing is critical, even on a motorcycle. Most people are not aware, but when you get your motorcycle tyres changed, they are supposed to be balanced just like car tyres. Your wheels could start shaking while riding if they are not correctly balanced. This will also lead to uneven tyre wear which will reduce their life.