Posted by Team Motofever

MT, as a helmet manufacturer has been operating for years now but for most of that time, there helmets were targeted towards beginners who were looking to get into riding motorcycles and were looking for an entry-level helmet. The Spanish helmet manufacturer did a good job of that, but in recent years, it has taken leaps and bounds in the helmet arena, complying not only with the latest ECE 22.06 safety rating for some of its helmets, but in fact, it now has a helmet, the MT KRE+ Carbon, that is certified for racing by the FIM! For the uninitiated, FIM is the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme or the International Motorcycling Federation, depending on how you look at it and is the apex body when it comes to the premier motorcycle racing competition in in the world - Moto GP.


Being a flagship helmet for MT Helmets, the KRE+ Carbon is fully made of carbon fibre and is available in three shell sizes. The engineers at MT Helmets have interlaced the carbon strands in such a manner that the helmet provides better impact absorption than previous helmets. This has been possible because of all the research and development that has been undertaken over years. The availability of three shell sizes also means that it will be easy finding the right fit for everyone.


The MT KRE+ Carbon helmet also has a wide field of view, which is one of the most integral requirements in racing, and when that gets transferred to the road, it only makes things better. Better vision allows a rider to be more relaxed, whether that is in a competitive setting, or just cruising out on the open road.


Ventilation is one of the key metrics of a helmet that often goes by unnoticed. In the case of the MT KRE+ Carbon, the engineers have made the use of fluid dynamics to design the ventilation system. This has allowed them to get the best air flow inside the helmet for a maximum cooling effect, but at the same time, it has also allowed them to decrease the friction inside the channels, in turn decreasing the air resistance inside the cooling ducts. The latter might not seem all that important on the road, but in racing, where every millisecond matters, it is quite a crucial factor.


If further ventilation is required, MT has also integrated a quick system to open the visor which it is calling the Fast Shield Opening System+, and it has a great application when you are just out cruising. If the environmental conditions cause your helmet to quickly fog up, a quick reacting setup like this helps dissipate the fogging in a quick and efficient manner. There is a also an integrated sun guard inside the helmet, which can be used if you have the visor in an open position.


When it comes to helmet maintenance, the MT KRE+ Carbon helmet features fully removable and washable liners, which helps in keeping the inside of your helmet fresh. The liner is also replaceable so over time, you can simply slot in a new lining in to your helmet when the old one no longer fits your face properly.


Ultimately, the MT KRE+ Carbon is a great helmet that works wonderfully well on the road and on track as well, as will be a great investment for those riders who are looking for maximum protection in both scenarios.