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Article: Know Thy Helmet : Top Retro Style Helmets

Know Thy Helmet : Top Retro Style Helmets

Retro-style motorcycle helmets combine the charm of classic designs with modern safety and comfort features. They are a popular choice among riders who appreciate the aesthetics of vintage gear but do not want to compromise on protection. Here are some top retro-style helmets that blend old-school cool with contemporary performance.

 Bell Bullitt

 The Bell Bullitt helmet is a tribute to the original Bell Star helmet, which debuted in the 1960s. It features a sleek, rounded shell made from a fibreglass composite, offering both durability and lightness. The helmet's large eye port provides excellent visibility, and it comes with an anti-fog, anti-scratch visor. Inside, you'll find a genuine leather interior that is both comfortable and stylish. The Bell Bullitt also includes integrated speaker pockets, making it easy to add a communication system.

 Biltwell Gringo / Gringo S and SV

The Biltwell Gringo is a minimalist, full-face helmet that appeals to riders who prefer a straightforward, no-frills design. Its hand-painted, injection-molded ABS outer shell is robust and stylish. The Gringo features a removable, washable liner and cheek pads for easy maintenance. The Gringo S variant adds a hinged face shield for extra convenience, while the Gringo SV includes an internal sun visor, offering additional versatility for different lighting conditions.


MT Jarama

The MT Jarama helmet is another excellent choice for retro enthusiasts. Named after the famous Spanish racetrack, this helmet combines vintage styling with modern features. It boasts a lightweight, high-impact resistant polycarbonate shell and an aerodynamic design. The MT Jarama includes a multi-density EPS liner for enhanced impact absorption and a plush, comfortable interior. Its clear, anti-scratch visor can be easily swapped out for a tinted one, providing flexibility for various riding conditions.

Biltwell Bonanza (Open Face)

Biltwell Bonanza is a lightweight, low-profile helmet with a hand-painted ABS shell and a comfortable, moisture-wicking interior. It offers a snug fit and comes in a variety of colours and graphics to suit different tastes.

Bell Custom 500 (Open Face)

The Bell Custom 500, inspired by the original Bell 500 helmet, is a classic open-face helmet that combines retro style with modern safety standards. It features a fibreglass composite shell and a custom-quilted liner for superior comfort. The helmet's padded chin strap includes a D-ring closure for secure fastening, and it is compatible with a variety of face shields and visors.


Retro-style helmets like the Bell Bullitt, Biltwell Gringo (and its variants), MT Jarama, and open-face options such as the Biltwell Bonanza and Bell Custom 500, offer riders a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern safety features. These helmets not only provide the necessary protection but also add a touch of classic style to your riding gear, ensuring you look good while staying safe on the road.

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