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Article: MOTOFEVER RIDE : A Revving Success‼

MOTOFEVER RIDE : A Revving Success‼

At the break of dawn, the roar of the motorcycles and sound of excitement in the air, marked the great success of MOTOFEVER RIDE. What started as a simple idea to bring Motorcycle enthusiast and our customer community together turned into an unforgettable experience as the turnout far exceeded our expectations. Motofever Ride, from the meet and greet at Motofever complex, to the exhilarating ride to for breakfast at Hidden Café in Al Qudra, to the gathering at Hidden café and the thrilling conclusion of announcing the lucky winners of the raffle draw was nothing short of a spectacular success.

The Ride:

With the break of dawn, the silence in the air at Al Quoz Industrial area 3 was broken with sounds of revving engines from all around as 70+ riders riding different genres of motorcycles gathered outside Motofever store, ready to embark on a memorable ride. The initial plan was to have a modest turnout but the community’s response was overwhelming. The line of motorcycles, ranging from timeless classics to modern sports bike, from adventure tourers to American V-Twin tourers, stretched far beyond what we had anticipated. It was a sight to behold and a testament to the tight-knit motorcycling community that exists in our town. Click here to see the full video


 The camaraderie among riders, some who knew each other a while and some who just met each other for the very first time, created an atmosphere of pure joy. Riding in a pack, the riders formed a convoy the showcased the diversity of motorcycles and unity of riders, all sharing the common passion for open roads. We rode down umm Sequim St towards Al Qudra and then further down to Hidden Café, which truly is a hidden gem tucked away serenely in the Qudra desert.

Hidden Café:


Arriving at Hidden café, a serene tucked away hidden gem in Qudra desert had the perfect ambience set up for the riders at the venue. This just enhanced the overall sense of riders community. The parking at Hidden Café turned into a makeshift motorcycle showroom, with riders admiring each other’s bikes and sharing stories of their past rides.

The aroma of freshly brewed caffeine mixed with the smell of gasoline created an ambience the perfectly encapsulated the essence of Motofever Ride. A small yet delicious menu of eggs and avocados and every UAE bikers favorite, parathas; poured in with coffee and masala chai.



The Gathering and Raffle Draw:


The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and camaraderie as riders discussed their favorite routes, shared riding tips and bonded over their love for Motorcycles. the event turned out to be more than just a ride; it became a social gathering, fostering connections among people who might not have crossed paths otherwise.


To cap off the day a raffle was organized with various prices from Motofever, which included a helmet, a jacket and t-shirts. All the riders who registered were handed over discount vouchers for their next purchase in store. The anticipation was palpable as the crowd gathered around for the draw. The lucky winners, amidst cheers and applause, walked away with an extra layer of excitement to an already exhilarating day.



The success of Motofever Ride organized by Motofever surpassed all expectations, turning a simple gathering into a full-fledged celebration of the motorcycle community. The roaring engines, the scenic ride, the conversations over breakfast, and the thrill of the raffle draw all contributed to an unforgettable experience. The event not only strengthened the bond between Motofever and its customers but also highlighted the common passion we all share for the open roads. As we look onto this remarkable day, we look forward to organizing more such events that will continue to bring the vibrant motorcycle community together.

The Team : 



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