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Article: Staying Connected While Riding A Motorcycle

Staying Connected While Riding A Motorcycle

Audio, video or old-school hand signals. Which form of communication do you prefer when riding a motorcycle?

Staying connected when riding a motorcycle is a challenging task as riding is an activity that isolates the rider from the environment. The only communication that happens is between the rider and the motorcycle. However in the modern world, it is important to stay connected. It might be your group of riding friends, your smartphone feeding you directions or even some thoughts that you might want to share with someone at a later point in time. Take a look below to see to find out the different ways to stay connected while riding.

Headsets: Sena headsets for helmets are a great way of staying connected to your smartphone through audio. Making and receiving calls, listening to directions and even just recording audio, headsets like the Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset with Mesh Intercom pull it off with great ease. 

If you want to go a step further, there is the Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset & Camera. It not only allows you to stay connected via audio, the built-in camera also records your ride. This is a great piece of tech that combines two separate processes into one.

Smartphone mount: There are many out there for whom audio just doesn’t cut it for directions. There is a solution for this and it is called the Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount. This device can be mounted on your motorcycle’s handlebar. It is a universal handlebar mount to which many smartphone cases can be attached.

Quad Lock cases are available for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. For the Apple fans there are cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 as well.

Any of the cases can be separated from the handlebar mount in a matter of seconds and the minimalistic design of the entire contraption doesn’t seem out of place on your handlebar mount.

Hand signals: There is another way to stay connected to riders around you. The use of hand signals when riding is an effective method for communicating with them. There exists a standard set of hand signals among motorcycle riders, that can easily be looked up online. You can go ahead and even customise these hand signals so that you can communicate with your riding group, when out on a ride. Hand signals offer a non-intrusive method of communicating with riders, without having to use any added accessories.


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