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Getting one helmet that can do everything can be a difficult choice, and if you are someone who likes to visit the race track as well, this choice gets damn near impossible. However, if street riding and track riding are what you desire and you don’t want to get two different helmets, we recommend you take a look at the Bell Race Star DLX Flex. It is the latest in the line of full-face helmets from Bell and comes in a five different shell sizes and a multitude of colour schemes. You won’t have a hard time finding a design that actually works for you.

Most importantly, the Bell Race Star DLX is made of carbon fiber and that gives it a premium look. Not just that, it stays relatively light as well and passes all the major helmet certification protocols all over the world. It incorporates the MIPS technology that increases the amount of protection to the rider’s head. Essentially, it allows for a little bit of give inside the helmet in the case of a secondary impact. This has been known to reduce the extent of head injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

As far as ventilation goes, Bell’s going the full mile. You get one huge vent on the chin bar, another one above the visor and the last one is positioned towards the rear of the helmet. There are all centrally operated vents and can be quickly opened or shut even while riding the motorcycle. The ventilation works wonders in hot and humid conditions and in the cold months, the vents shut firm so there is no cold air sneaking inside the helmet. The system also keeps fog build-up inside the helmet to a minimum as long as you keep moving.

Bell also has their Magnefusion Removable Magnetic cheek pads which can basically be removed even while you are wearing the helmet. This is a great system for paramedics in the event of an head injury. The system also works wonders for when you want to remove your cheek pads, and the liners subsequently, and throw them in for a wash.

Now, these are all bits that work well on the street, but on track, especially on a fast motorcycle, you also need good aerodynamics, which the Bell Race Star DLX Flex has. There’s a spoiler which comes in handy when you are in the full tuck position on the straight, as it allows the air to pass over it in an undisturbed fashion.

There are other benefits as well such as that the Bell Race Star DLX Flex helmet comes with pre-cut pockets for intercom speakers, which means staying in touch with your buddies will never be a problem. As for the visor, it’s clear but you have the option of getting a different one as well. All of this then makes the Bell Race Star DLX one of the most value for money helmets in its segment.

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