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Shark is a renowned helmet manufacturer and we have previously featured helmets from them in this series. This time around, we are featuring the Shark Spartan GT in both, its regular form and the Carbon version as well. So, if you have had your eye on this helmet for some time, here’s what went behind making it.

For the normal version, the Shark Spartan GT, the helmet manufacturer has employed the use of fibre glass for the shell. For the Carbon version, you also get carbon layers that have been blended with fibre. Both are available in two sizes for the best fit. The EPS liner inside the shell is made up of multi density materials and the helmet even features Shark’s very own quick removal system, called the ‘Shark Emergency Removal System’. When it comes to weight, the helmet comes in at just over 1.5kg.

As far as the visor is concerned, it is rated Optical Class 1. It has varying thickness according to the structural need and gets an anti scratch treatment as well. The notching movement is ultra soft as well and it’s easy to crack open the visor to get a bit of airflow going.

When it comes to the ventilation, there are two air inlets and two air extractors that can be opened or closed using switches. It’s easy to know just by looking at the helmet if the vent is open or closed. For aerodynamics, Shark has made use of CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics. The skin of the helmet has also been shaped in such a way that it helps in reducing the wind nose.

On the inside, you get a ALVEOTECH lining fabric which has antimicrobial properties. You can even remove the inside lining and put it in the washing machine. Shark has kept the plight of those who wear spectacles in mind, as the helmet liner features an Easy Fit system that automatically adjusts to the riders. There is also a breath guard to help deflect hot breath away from the visor, so as to stop it from fogging up. There is also an inbuilt slot for the Sharktooth intercom.

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Overall, the helmet is available in six different sizes. It has great utility as not only can it be used for everyday riding, but it will make for a great track helmet as well.