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Article: Essential Accessories For Your Motorcycle

Essential Accessories For Your Motorcycle

If you thought that only human beings had a list of essentials, think again. Your motorcycle has a list too. These motorcycle accessories could help you on your everyday ride or help preserve it when you're not riding it. And some of them might come in handy on a few occasions only. But they are all things that your motorcycle and you shall appreciate in the long run.

Byke’it! Waterproof Bike Cover

There are times when the weather or your hectic schedule won’t permit you to ride. At times like this, your motorcycle needs some extra protection. Ideally, whenever you are not riding your motorcycle, it should be protected from the elements. This is however doubly important if you are not riding it for longer periods of time.

Byke’it! makes waterproof  motorcycle covers that come in multiple sizes - small, medium, large and XL. These are generic and will fit most motorcycles easily. Use these to cover your motorcycle when you are not riding it. It will delay rusting, and stop dust from settling onto the parts of your motorcycle. This will not only preserve your paint, but your electronics too. Dust is one of the biggest enemies of electronics, which you will find are omnipresent on modern day motorcycles.

Oxford Biker Tool Kit

Now you don’t have to go around being a mechanic by yourself but there are times when a screw comes loose or a fuse on your motorcycle blows. There are pretty straight forward glitches that you can correct by yourself, albeit if you have the right tools. And so that you have everything you could need in such scenarios, Oxford makes a portable tool kit that could end up helping you out of a jam.

The Oxford Biker Tool Kit has screwdrivers, allen keys, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, extension bars and more such  instruments as part of a 28-piece kit. Now this isn’t something you’ll end up using on a daily basis but having one in your backpack means you are prepared to deal with a lot of small issues by yourself.

Byke’it! Paddock Stand

While using that motorcycle tool kit, a time might come when you need to lift the rear wheel of the motorcycle to perform some tasks. It is easier said than done on today’s sport bikes. A paddock stand is an accessory that makes this task a lot more easier. Byke’it! makes a paddock stand that uses the mounting point on a swingarm to grip the motorcycle, and then raises the rear wheel by sliding underneath the tyre. The paddock stand is able to do this because of its small wheels, which allow it to easily slide underneath the motorcycle.

This same exercise can be repeated for the front-end of the motorcycle also. The stand uses a mounting point which is ideally located on the front suspension setup, which can be used to pivot the stand underneath the motorcycle. Paddock stands are not only great for working on motorcycles, they also help display a motorcycle in a beautiful fashion, or could even be used to park a larger number of motorcycles in a smaller space.

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